Thursday, February 2, 2012

Think of Us

Tomorrow we run 20 miles.

When you’re on your way to work or are taking the kids to school, think of us.  Feel free to say a little prayer for us.  Safety is always a good thing to pray for.  Running 20 miles in a town where 40,000 college students live and DRIVE can be dangerous.     

When you’re on your second or third (or maybe fourth) cup of coffee tomorrow, think of us.  We will STILL be out there running.  Feel free to say another prayer for us.  Health is a good thing to pray for.  We need our bodies to stay injury free as we continue on our road to Boston. 

When you go to lunch (that is if you’re more of an early luncher than a late luncher) think of us.  We should be just about finished.  Another prayer would be much appreciated… a prayer of thanks that God got us through all the miles. 

Tomorrow we run 20 miles and we are EXCITED you will be thinking of us and praying for us along the way!

(Below is a flyer Niki and I received last Spring.  We ran the Tyler Rose Marathon in October 2010 as a training run for the Dallas White Rock Marathon. Afterwards, as we like to do, we were hamming it up for the race photographer.  To our surprise, they used our photo for their promo flyer for their 2011 race!)  

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  1. wow, 20 miles!! do be careful with all those crazy drivers. Will be saying prayers for y'all! I love the pic of the Tyler marathon!