Sunday, January 29, 2012

3M Half Marathon

For long run #5 we headed to Austin to run the 3M 1/2 marathon.  We arrived in Austin on Saturday afternoon (L and I coach our daughters' City Rec basketball team and we had to squeeze in a practice before we left town).   We went by the race expo to pick up our running packets then headed to my sister-in-law Madelyn's house (where we decided to channel our middle school days when you and your friends decide to dress alike on certain days of the week and we all wore hats).   Next was on to Macaroni Grill for dinner (thanks Texas Beef Council). We ended our day back at Mad's for nighty-night.  Sunday was up and out early for our 6:45am race start.  Lisa and I needed to get 16 miles in on this run so after crossing the finish line we added on 3 more miles.  God blessed us with beautiful weather, travel safeties, meaningful conversations and pretty good run times.  I want to send a thanks to Madelyn for hosting us and driving us around this you Mad!  Check out the attached pics and our first post-run video clip!


  1. What a beautiful day to run! I looked up your times. Excellent job!

  2. I enjoyed the weekend! You guys are all kinds of fun and great company. :)

    Way to be so speedy!