Monday, February 20, 2012

Austin Full for long run #8

Janet, Niki, Lisa & Madelyn at Galaxy Cafe for our pre-race dinner

Yesterday Lisa and I ran the Austin Marathon.  God blessed us with beautiful weather and an injury-free race.  Saturday the plan was to meet at Target in Bryan and ride to Austin together.  Well, there was a pleasant surprise when I pulled up, our running partner Janet was there to join us.  She chauffeured us and we got to catch up with her.  J moved to Huntsville this summer and will be moving to New Mexico this lots to chat about.  

We arrived at the expo to get our packets and Janet decided to run the 1/2.  She registered and we shopped around before heading to "Hotel Madelyn" (my sister-in-law's) then to dinner.  

Did somebody say picture?!?!?  
Lisa and I had decided to run 22 miles then walk the last 4.2.  The first 11 miles were like the good ole days.  Me, Lisa and Janet solved world problems, griped about the hills and laughed a lot.  (See photo to left.)  

At mile 11 Janet took the 1/2 marathon route and Lisa and I went on for the full.  We did run 22 miles but after walking about 1/2 mile we jogged the last few in and finished in 4 hours 10 minutes.  Not too bad for what we were trying to accomplish.  Oh, and did I mention the hills?  Running there made me appreciate our rather flat topography here in B/CS.  Madelyn and Janet were at the finish line to cheer.  We grabbed a bite to eat, took a quick shower then headed home.  So, another long run logged, road trip taken and memories made.
Photo op at the Mile 22 sign!

1/2 way trained for Boston.  Woohoo!

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  1. So proud of you!! And I love that your friend Janet came along! What a sweet surprise. I'm praying for you often, Niki!